Really quite simple question. Searching for strategies for establishing a totally free website and getting the very best answer chosen up.

  • All platforms and programming languages incorporated.
  • I value a effective programming atmosphere over anything else



I am asking this for someone else, I will just pay dreamhost or linode and make certain I am getting quality service. So do not just let me know to pay for somebody because I understand. I am asking with regard to asking.

I would recommend world wide

Fundamental PHP/MySQL with 500 MiB disk space and 10 MiB database quota. Traffic 5 GiB/month.

Google Sites. ad-less, free, although not so flexible. However, by utilizing devices, you will get around most of the restrictions on-site design.

Freehostia possess a "Chocolate" plan that's free and it has no advertisements. See here for that complete listing of features.

I am on the compensated plan myself, and it is much less bad thinking about just how much you have to pay. However, there has been several occasions when my website continues to be lower, and I must see more Apache modules placed on their servers.


You shouldn't be cheap. All of the freebies is lame or perhaps a discomfort.

Host yourself or use godaddy or dreamhost

I have used

for nearly 2 yrs now, they have gave me a fast connection (200 GB monthly transfer) and lots of space for me (5500 Megabytes) free of charge, with hardly any down time: check Them up.