In the current present time, what's the most typical website width to create to? 1000px?

Webdesigners take most typical customers horizontal resolution and take away some space for scrollbar and window adornments.

Usually it's 1024 - around 30 = 980

See these tables: http://world wide

You will find trends to create websites functional in a resolution, from mobile or tablet to large screens - see (and then try to re-size) or It's known as responsive webdesign and you will find more good examples examples/

This is dependent on which products you need to be targetting. Most desktop computers have overgrown 1024x768, you can observe the popularity at http://world wide

However, pills will often have 1024x768 resolutions and mobile products frequently cash lower resolutions.

This varies with respect to the audience from the website.

980 pixels on 1024x768 resolutions.

Best suitable for ipad / notebook computers and laptops.