Let me determine if WordPress could be pointed in the DB same as SQL CE. I presume the reply is yes, if MySQL has something equal to SQL CE.

What is the low lower about this?

Update: Because of the solutions to date, I'll re-condition my question to ensure that it's easier understood: "Can WordPress be pointed at SQLite rather than MySQL?"

Let me determine if WordPress could be pointed in the DB same as SQL CE


Or at best not easily. WordPress is made on the top the Light stack where M is strictly MySQL. Although it features a database abstraction layer (WPDB), the code and plug ins are littered and accept direct SQL code (MySQL).

If you are looking at this, browse the discussion within the WP Codex.

What's the MySQL Same as SQL CE?

For me, I'd result in the jump and say SQLite.

So far as I am aware there's no MySQL same as SQL Compact Edition. You might want to check SQLite rather (www.sqlite.org). Wordpress supports this.

You might find this surprising but MySQL could be removed lower to function just like a Compact Edition database. MySQL (right Oracle) doesn't appear to aid the Embedded MySQL any longer (or at least they make hard to find). However, you may make the next tweeks to MySQL:

TWEEK #1 : Disable InnoDB

Start mysqld with this particular during my.cnf:



  • Faster startup of mysql
  • Doesn't create ibdata1, ib_logfile0, ib_logfile1
  • Doesn't allocate default InnoDB Buffer Pool (MySQL 5.5 128M, before MySQL 5.5 8MB)
  • Less memory consumption (InnoDB code isn't memory resident)

TWEEK #2 : Preload Indexes of the most basic MyISAM Tables

Automatically, MyISAM uses the important thing Cache and it is dimensions are governed by key_buffer_Size. Oddly enough, MyISAM enables you to produce a dedicate key cache for onr ot more tables.

For instance, if you possess the table mysite.wordpress_posts, you may create a devoted 256M key cache the following:

SET GLOBAL wp_posts_cache.key_buffer_size = 1024 * 1024 * 256;
CACHE INDEX mysite.wp_posts IN wp_posts_cache;
LOAD INDEX INTO CACHE mysite.wp_posts;

You could have this done at start using this method:

echo "SET GLOBAL wp_posts_cache.key_buffer_size = 1024 * 1024 * 256;" > /var/lib/mysql/startup.sql
echo "CACHE INDEX mysite.wp_posts IN wp_posts_cache;" > /var/lib/mysql/startup.sql
echo "LOAD INDEX INTO CACHE mysite.wp_posts;" > /var/lib/mysql/startup.sql

Try it out !!! adding this to my.cnf


Then, restart mysql