In doing a bit of focus on a task I happened across a formatting situation on a few websites which i could not explain.

When viewing the markup within the Google Chrome DOM inspector, some values appear with quotes around them. These quotes don't come in either the HTML source nor the made page.

The format is the following:

<span class="...">$</span>
<span class="...">xx</span>


<span class="...">xx</span>

OR some slight variation of these two. The big X's would be the amount of money within the cost and also the small x's would be the cents.

Negligence these structures I do not seem to comprehend is the quotes round the dollar value. What makes them used and so why do they not come in the display from the website?

It's an "problem" using the Google Chrome DOM Inspector. Whenever a String literal is this is not on exactly the same line using its surrounding tag then your string literal is shown on a brand new line with quotes round the string literal to really make it visible in which the string begins and finishes.

For instance once the string literal begins having a whitespace and it is displayed inside a new line within the inspector then you definitely only can easily see when the string is cited. Or else you will not have the ability to see in which the string starts.

Inspect this with Google Chrome DOM Inspector:

These quotes exist neither in source code nor within the DOM after page continues to be loaded. They merely exist like a structural element inside Google Chrome's DOM Inspector. They're never area of the page you are checking.

This really is basically for formatting reasons so another style does apply towards the $ symbol, the dollars amount and also the cents amount - example from View Source on the product page on

<li class="introprice"><span class="intropricestyle">$</span>69.<span class="intropricestyle">00</span></li>

I am likely to guess it's for screen visitors.

I have observed individuals sites appear to show dollars inside a bigger font, and also the cents inside a more compact font for effect, that your screen readers wouldn't read properly.

They mostly have in all probability the entire amount in quotes inside a span, and employ CSS to cover that span. This way, whenever a screen readers has concentrate on that control, the cost is going to be read in the whole. For the quotes, maybe they simply felt enjoy it or possibly certain screen visitors will behave in a different way with number values in quotes.

Possibly you are able to publish a Hyperlink to one of these simple therefore we can verify, but that is my hunch.