What's the SQL MODE in MYSQL (or any RDBMS)? Also what's the smartest choice to possess for that SQL MODE and Why?

Basically will have a layman explanation having a example it is always good!

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The SQL mode affects how MySQL reacts in a few instances. For instance, it affects what goes on by trying to place overlong content right into a text type column. Let us if you have a column like CHAR(10) CHARACTER SET ascii NOT NULL, and also you attempt to place 'abcdef abcdef'. That's 13 figures, that is too lengthy. When the current SQL mode includes STRICT_TRANS_TABLES or STRICT_ALL_TABLES, MySQL won't place the worthiness but provides you with a mistake message. If neither could well be on, then MySQL will truncate the string to 10 figures, i.e. 'abcdef abc', and place that.

You will find all behaviors that are influenced by the SQL mode. Which was just a good example.

I take advantage of TRADITIONAL, that is shorthand for, well, the hyperlink distributed by dcp will explain. Essentially, it can make MySQL less forgiving whenever you send it invalid input, that we find more suitable if I send MySQL something that isn't valid I'd rather learn about it, instead of have MySQL fudge it and never let me know it's done this.

I suggest you make reference to the official documentation.

You may also make use of the FAQ.

Basically, it essentially controls the kind of SQL syntax MySQL should support. So far as what's "best", that is dependent in your specific needs. For instance, allows say you're porting a current Oracle application to MySQL. You could look at while using Oracle mode to help relieve this transition.

Generally, it's often smart to make use of the default configurations from the database unless of course you've valid reason to not. When you begin fine-tuning things and obtain into non-standard designs, then that's yet another factor you (or perhaps your DBA's) need to make sure to do whenever you place your application into production. With nevertheless, you will find also lots of good reasons to fully exploit the characteristics of the database. In the end, with lots of RDBMS systems, you have to pay lots of money on their behalf, so why wouldn't you rely on them fully?