1. what's the utilization of ~ tilde in url.

  2. I'm using cpanel, and also have link including tilde, why tilde is the?

    Whenever we buy server space although not have dns or don't wanted for development purpose @ that point we make use of the like http://serverip/~foldername.

Tilde is not anything special within the Web addresses. It is simply another character just like a %20 character or perhaps a -.

Some hosting company companies utilize it to recognize customers by providing the customers sites like /~(username)/

Really tilda '~' signifies home directory. Whenever you place tilda in url, It'll access at home directory

A tilde inside a URL usually is then a person title and signifies the files below that URL originate from that user's home directory.

~ refers to your house directory. If it's within the URL this means the cpanel is situated relative to your house directory.

Well, a webserver is free of charge any character following the leading URI part for whatever purpose it wants.

That being stated, using ~ generally hearkens to the first times of the net, when nearly every web server went on Unix. Within the Unix world, systems supported multiple customers, each using their home directory. If you wish to see your home directory, you cd ~. If you wish to visit another user like fred's home directory, that might be cd ~fred.

Then when people began setting up web servers, they'd generally let every user within the system get their own web space, that is accesible in the cause of the webserver by utilizing ~username.

For instance, here is a very old website of mine supplied by a classic Web service provider (Telepath) at http://www.telepath.com/~dennison/