Does anybody know what's the status of sophistication::DBI? I observe that it had been last up-to-date on 4 October 2007, is anybody still focusing on this project or perhaps is it simply left to die? Thanks.

Class::DBI flattened under political pressure and also the risks of numerous legal cases in one of their designers. It grew to become poisoned code and everybody left. I attempted to get it sorted out inside a post on my small O'Reilly website in 2005.

Those who left never really returned. It's mainly legacy code now. If you wish to help, you will find other active projects that may make use of your help. For me, Class::DBI may be the past also it should stay there. It's unfortunate, but existence sucks sometimes.

Many people appear to make use of DBIx::Class in the event that helps.

You will find many customers of sophistication::DBI, but no brand new ones, I suppose. Some gone to live in DBIx::Class::CDBICompat. Generally, you are able to request in Class::DBI subscriber list.

If you would like, you are able to maintain it. Request where repository is situated and begin focusing on bugs in Class::DBI bug tracker.