I really like Wordpress, and typically it's self-explanitory and simple to use.

However, the "Add Video" icon around the edit publish page appears to become almost completely useless.

Add Video Button

This is what Used to do:

  • Press the "Add Video" button

  • Submitted a relevant video file from the local machine known as ballon.mpg

  • Pressed the "Place into publish" button

It makes sense a web link known as "balloon" towards the Link to the recording file. Not things i expected.

Is the functionality that's designed to happen?

I administer a Wordpress MU blog, and my customers are unclear about why the icon can there be whether it does not instantly embed local video.

It is possible to way that i can hide that icon?

Sadly, this is actually the correct functionality. I am unsure of a method to hide the button, however, you could certainly enhance it's behavior while using JW Player Plugin for Wordpress. Whenever you click on the 'Add Video' button, you will be given additional options, including a chance to place a relevant video player into the publish, like so:

alt text

This can produce a quick code, that will then render a person directly within the publish.