I truly do not understand what the issue is with individuals individuals who request explore to make use of JavaScript in your site.

Why the paranoia?

I experienced a variety of trouble attempting to remove a few JavaScript scripts I made use of on a single of my sites to appease a few "complainers". Per month later, following a relentless attack by junk e-mail bots, I made the decision I better add the JavaScript junk e-mail prevention code in.

JavaScript is clearly utilized by lots of developers. It's presently the sixth most widely used tag at Stack Overflow. It's utilized on practically each and every website which i are conscious of.

The claim that it's a security risk appears bogus in my experience. I have had JavaScript on during my browser as lengthy when i remember, and never once have I discovered that anything malicious has happened.

JavaScript has, obviously, been extended into AJAX. And AJAX is the one thing which makes the wonderful realm of Web 2 . 0. work. Which includes this excellent Stack Overflow site.

Same with there something I am missing? Can there be a problem with JavaScript that I am unaware of?


I'm flabbergasted through the reaction to my Question.

The reactions are strong and vociferous in the Anti-JavaScript people.

There is one professional-JavaScript comment, also it was chosen lower (when i write this to -2) through the others.

I switched JavaScript on add this follow-up. I immediately notice three apparent things (There can be more):

  1. A large annoying whitened on red-colored banner towards the top of each page saying: "Stack Overflow is most effective with JavaScript enabled". (Annoyance)

  2. Comments can't be seen whatsoever or added. You cannot election up or election lower. You cannot choose the recognized answer. (Lack of functionality)

  3. Obviously no AJAX stuff works. I do not have the type of editing tools above this entry box, and that i can't begin to see the preview when i type this. (Inconveniences)

So so far as I'm concerned, turning your JavaScript off leads to Irritations, Lack of Functionality, and Inconvenience.

I apologize for that handicapped those who have no JavaScript support, however i still do not get why lots of you're so religiously against utilizing it.

Personally, I really like what AJAX and it is beautiful connects that has been enhanced functionality do towards the Web. I consider adding such features to my website also it annoys me once the Anti-JavaScript people request me - no, need for me to remove it simply because they can't access them.

But the number of individuals use Stack Overflow with JavaScript off? None I'd expect. The way to go is you switch it on for sites you trust like Stack Overflow.

Okay. Basically create a site that utilizes Ajax or JavaScript, then I am fine along with you turning them back until you choose to trust my website. Try not to expect me to become needed to provide you with all of the functionality which i caused by individuals who believe me. Even Stack Overflow does not.

If a person really wants to embellish this concept, I'll provide them with the recognized answer.

Also begin to see the question: Could it be worthwhile to code different functionality for customers with JavaScript disabled?

and my response to that question (which, after i last looked, have been chosen lower through the Do-Not-Use JavaScript people).

Followup. I discovered the next opinion about JavaScript in the Wordpress-SpamFree WordPress Wordpress plugin page:

"The majority of the junk e-mail striking your site arises from bots. Couple of bots can process JavaScript. Couple of bots can process snacks. Less still, are designed for both. The bottom line is, this wordpress plugin utilizes a combo of JavaScript and snacks (on anabolic steroids) to discount the humans from spambots, stopping 99%+ of automated junk e-mail from ever dealing with your website. Almost 100% of site site visitors may have these switched on automatically, so this kind of solution works quietly without anyone's knowledge, without any inconveniences. You will find very couple of customers (under 2%) which have JavaScript and/or snacks switched off automatically, but they'll be motivated to show individuals back onto publish their comment.

Stats reveal that among all Internet customers, under 2% have JavaScript switched off, and under 1% have snacks switched off. This requirement isn’t anything unusual since most modern websites require using JavaScript and snacks for key features — AJAX, for instance, won’t work if JS is disabled.

Overall, the couple of that could be inconvenienced simply because they have JS and snacks switched off is going to be far less compared to 100% who'd be annoyed by CAPTCHA’s, challenge questions, along with other validation techniques."