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What ORM frameworks for .NET Do You Like Best?
Which ORM for .net would you recommend?

What's your preferred ORM for .Internet?

FeaturingOrresourcesOramenities managed to get special for you personally?

My personal favorite, and also the one I am using during my current project, is LightSpeed by Mindscape.

It features a great feature set, very good support, and is a lot more "polished" feeling to make use of than the majority of the other available choices I have attempted, including ADO.Internet EF and NHibernate/Fluent NHibernate.

A fascinating (though somewhat biased, IMHO) website which compares different ORMs is http://ormbattle.net/.

Probably the most prevalent appears to become NHibernate, I imagine because of it's maturity cheap it is dependant on Hibernate for Java. I am focusing on learning it now, so that's all i'm able to say about this.

Others within the ORM space are SubSonic and MEF (Entity Framework). I barely know anything about the subject, apart from being NH options.

.NETTiers is yet another interesting option

A Ruby script I made a while ago which was producing everything. Obtaining the schema in the database, saving it as being XML, looping regarding this and spitting out anything you become a template matching a table. Aside from the ORM, there is lots of UI components, web services, etc. which i added later. I truly loved it.

NHibernate has everything you will need (well almost) which is open-source