Whether we love to it or otherwise, many otherwise the majority of us designers either regularly use databases or might have to use one at some point. And thinking about the quantity of misuse and abuse within the wild, and also the amount of database-related questions which come up every single day, it's fair to express that you will find certain concepts that designers ought to know - even when they do not design or use databases today. So:

Do you know the important concepts that designers along with other software professionals should be aware of about databases?

Recommendations for Reactions:

Keep the list short.
One concept per response is best.

Be specific.
"Data modelling" might be an essential skill, but what am i saying precisely?

Explain your rationale.
Exactly why is your concept important? Don't just say "use indexes." Don't fall under "guidelines.Inch Convince your audience to visit find out more.

Upvote solutions you accept.
Read other individuals solutions first. One high-rated response is a far more effective statement than two low-rated ones. For those who have more to include, either give a comment or reference the initial.

Don't downvote something simply because it does not apply to you.
All of us operate in different domain names. The aim here's to supply direction for database beginners to achieve a highly-founded, well-rounded knowledge of database design and database-driven development, to not compete for that title on most-important.