I'm going to choose host company for my Django project. I required a glance on the linode also it looks very promissing. It appears like very elastic solution however in my situation this can be a disadvnatage since I am not too familiar with servers configuration (alternative provider for me personally has great tools to rapidly get the job done, but linode has more competitive energy/cost ratio).

Have you got some experience of linode configuration for Django projects?

EDIT: To become more precise: I'm not so affraid about django packages installation but much more about application server/database server/security/everything stuff configuration.

Whether you stay with the Django packages that the distribution provides (Ubuntu appears to become best) or use easy_install, Django is fairly easy to begin. The host that you are searching at, Linode, has Django setup guides for a number of distributions. I suggest mod_wsgi with Ubuntu 10.04 from that list.

I have personally used Django on my small Linode, and delay pills work fine. Well, actually. For the intents and reasons you are able to think about a Linode like a devoted server, and it'll behave entirely exactly the same for Django.