I'm a newbie tester for an internet site. The after sales of the site are some SQL Server databases. The UI is made with Ajax and ASP.Internet. The entire website is located on Home windows Server 2008. The site's strucuture is much like this: several IIS web programs communicate with a core WCF web service. This WCF web service is another IIS web application.

Now I've got acquainted with the site's workflow like a customer. The correct answer is simple. Some clicks around the button. But my mentor explained that there are a great deal of test points throughout this "simple clicks". What exactly is it?

Also, since i have am completely new for this, could anybody produce advices on which aspects could I test this website? Like function? Security? Performance? And so forth. (The greater detailed, the greater.)


It appears I'm not accustomed to thinking like a tester yet. And So I would greatly appreciate any experience that could assist me to re-format my brain~ :)

Many thank you.

(Also, Let me thank S.O. I understand not one other better spot to publish my questions.)

From the QA Perspective, what is essential would be the non-Golden pathways. What this means is, behave like a person who did not just add a product for their trolley and checkout. Do strange things. Say you would like 9999 of the item, attempt to ship to Sarajevo (I really like this city). Do anything you can to basically outsmart the designers. Your work would be to develop situations which are legit, that people(designers) did not cover.

In the security side, acquaint yourself with Mix Site Scripting, and Mix Site request forgery. These will be the two heavy players that you'll probably encounter. Search for situations where user input has been delivered to the database, and make certain it's washed prior to going on it's way.