You will find many services offering located code databases and version control, some are totally free like Sourceforge, Google Code, Codeplex, others offer compensated services web hosting code like Beanstalk, GitHub or Springloops. But which service would you use and why?

If there's a listing of existing services, Let me learn about it too.

I personally use github, mainly for that free open-source projects. However, I work on small businesses and that we sometime contract out one more developer for the project. With github, we are able to give that contractor use of that single project and don't have to allow him to within our network as we don't want to do this.

I made use of to assist compare the different plans &lifier companies after i was searching for a hosting service.

I wound up choosing to host a few small projects. I have been happily utilizing their service for around six several weeks now.

We use world wide Its perfectly done and it has an abundance of features. Source control, problem monitoring, work flows, chat, file upload, team wiki, etc. There's also a method to publish/recruit employees for your projects. Prices is fairly reasonable too. It's $2 per project, per member, and $1 per 1GB of space. If you possess a project with 4 people and it is 2GB is space (the industry lot for software), the price could be $10/month.

I personally use Assembla. It's compensated service that offer both SVN and Mecurial hosting. Free projects could be located free of charge. Additionally they provide Wiki's, Timeline, Project Management Software and a lot of others features I've not used yet.

I personally use a fundamental assigned user package and to date haven't exceeded the monthly $4.00 fee.

I personally use Dreamhost to host a lot of my projects. They provide SVN hosting included in their website hosting plans so technically it isn't really free but in ways it's a free gift should you own a hosting plan together.

To date it exercised ideal for me since I've got a large amount of code that I didn't need to make public that I am hosting there.

Their plans start at $5.95/mo and that i recommend them. I have possessed my arrange for about 2 yrs and to date it has been the very best hosting experience I have ever endured, plus they really appear to be aware what they're doing.

Plus, you receive SSH access and there's lots of steps you can take to personalize your experience. They can provide you with use of rsync and permit you to download and compile/run your personal code in your account!

Check this out entry within their wiki for particulars (you will also obtain a feel for that type of degree of access that you will get from their store):

Located-Projects. It simply works.

SourceAnywhere Located, a SQL-based source control software shipped like a SaaS application.


Catherine Ocean

http://world wide

I personally use ProjectLocker free of charge private Git databases. Nice interface and I have never were built with a problem.