On November, eleventh, Moncaì continues to be introduced.

The publish describes the merchandise as "a platform like a service(PAAS) cloud solution for .Internet/Mono web programs" which may let it "deploy your internet programs effortlessly by utilizing Git or Mercurial simply by giving a push command" à la Heroku.

Beside this, hardly any is famous concerning the supporting infrastructure.

  • Manos might be involved (tweet)
  • Maybe CouchDB may be part through Ottoman API
  • It appears like Redis may also be used (tweet)

Whoever else had the opportunity to collect concerning the choosen tools (texting, storage, ...) to aid the project ?

Some informations have been in this podcast.

EDIT: major highlights from podcast:

  • deployment of ASP.Internet (MVC) programs a great deal simpler
  • not far from what Heroku does, however for ASP.Internet
  • located git or mercurial server for deployment
  • custom cloud infrastructure according to posix systems and mono
  • use of picking the runtime (mono 2.6 LTS for .Internet 3.5 or mono 2.8 for .Internet 4.)
  • private beta - testing moncai with ~ 2k people
  • fractional computing and billing
  • free selection for enthusiast and designers with low traffic
  • sandboxed security - each user have separate process for his stuff
  • it's not necessary to be worried about load or scale
  • add-ons for a number of stuff (batch jobs, ssl, ...)
  • plans for ssh to personalize the VPSs
  • you'll have the ability to choose from various frameworks like ASP.Internet (MVC), manos, ...