What type of performance gain am i going to get from ditching Apache for NGINX if I've got a really low traffic site (e.g. 1000 unique site visitors each day, approximately 5 demands/sec at greatest load, and approximately 50 Megabytes of traffic daily since plenty of photos are now being displayed).

Particularly, what gains (if any) would I've for:

  • Loading speed of the site on the internet user perspective
  • Server load
  • Concurrency

Again, to a minimal traffic site and I am running on the VPS.

For those who have this type of low traffic, I don't know you have to feel the troubles of altering your webserver : type of appears like "premature optimisation" in my experience.

Well, a minimum of, if individuals 1,000 site visitors don't visit a lot of pages, and do not all get to the identical time.

You'd most likely have much better gains for the customers (and that is what matter !) by initiating gzip compression for JS/CSS/HTML, and/or regrouping JS/CSS files into one rather than several, for example.

About this, running yslow in your webite, and following a few of the advices it'll provide you with, will most likely bring more speed for your customers than altering server.

Simply to make obvious : I do not state that you should not optimize your server -- but that, with your a minimal traffic, it may be more interesting to show pages faster a minimum of, first.

Is the Apache server taking an excessive amount of CPU or RAM? I switched from Apache to Nginx in order to save memory, especially for everyone static file: I appear to become using about 75% less memory with Nginx.

Such as the other comment stated, are you certain that Apache may be the bottle neck? If you're not changing, then you've enough memory. I do not think you will lay aside any significant server side latency.