Hey all, I've got a customized website and at this time every time I wish to put some news around the top of the page of my website I must edit the HTML after which re-upload via ftp. I am looking for a simple feature/program that will permit me to publish news to my website without by hand needing to edit the html and perhaps permitting it to possess comments.

I have attempted word press but that appears to possess a lot of features... for instance it can make me choose a template...that we have no need for because I've got a custom website. And contains groups, archives, etc. I do not need all that :P

Any suggestions?

wordpress is very lightweight imo, but when you believe it's too large, you might like to use one of these simple: http://web.appstorm.net/roundups/self-publishing/10-ultra-lightweight-cmses-for-simple-projects/

Grow your personal. Should not take greater than a handful of hrs.