What web server (and why) must i use for Lua web design?

You will find a couple of Lua-based webservers around:

  • Xavante appears to become typically the most popular.
  • Haserl is nice small.
  • Nanoki isn't strictly a webserver, but a pleasant small pure Lua wiki engine worth studying. For the Lua wikies, there's also Sputnik, that is fully featured and incredibly flexible, but is a little around the slow side.
  • There's mod_lua (ex mod_wombat) should you prefer Apache. Appears like it will make it in to the next Apache distribution like a core module.
  • Note that it's not too tough to write a FastCGI Lua module.
  • There's also Luv Lua MVC web-framework project (GitHub page). It's not mature yet, but could have some interesting experience.

We have been focusing on the ngx_lua module for nginx, which assists 100% non-obstructing network visitors to mysql, PostgreSQL, memcached, other http services, and much more, hence outstanding concurrency level and also over-all performance :)


and we are utilizing it in production :)

For development, it may be handy to operate a little test server. A great candidate particularly for Lua web design may be the Xavante server that is area of the Kepler project. Apart from a few of the supporting Kepler modules , Xavante is designed in pure Lua.

For production, the brand new mod_lua (which in fact had been referred to as mod_wombat prior to the Apache team recognized it in to the core group of modules) running on Apache would appear to become a well-respected choice.

What: Apache with mod_lua
Why : Because apache is an extremely good webserver

there's too the LuCI project [1]. the LuaConfigurationInterface, the net based mangement frontend for OpenWRT (embedded Linux).

The LuCI men authored additionally a really small webserver, known as lucittpd. LuCI is definitely an MVC too. As well as in production condition )

[1] http://luci.subsignal.org