We've been recommended to make use of NHibernate for the project. But the thing is our application are only locating the information in the database so what are the advantages of choosing NHibernate within this scenario?

Yet another factor, what's the query execution plan in NHIbernate will it support something similar to prepared claims or even the so known as pre complied claims.?

NHibernate is helpful is you have to map data from the database table right into a .Internet class. Even when you are only doing choose queries, still it may be helpful if you want to pass the information objects to some client tier (web site, desktop application, etc.) for display. Dealing with plain objects could be simpler than using a DataSet or any other ADO.Internet data class inside a presentation layer.

NHibernate does be capable of parse/pre-compile queries should you insert them in the mapping file.

To be sure towards the solutions above, but there's one other reason for implementing nhibernate: Your completely independend from the underlaying database system. You are able to switch from mysql to oracle and also the only factor you need to do, would be to alter the configurations. the accessibility database stays the identical.

The advantage for implementing NHibernate inside a read only scenario is you wouldn't have to map the outcomes of queries to .internet objects because the runtime would do that for you personally. Also, it possesses a more object oriented query syntax (you may also use LINQ), and you will make the most of lazy loading.

I do not believe NHibernate may use prepared claims unless of course you're getting it call saved methods.