I've got a question relevant to databases and when may be worth diving into one. I'm mainly an embedded engineer, however i am writing a credit card applicatoin using Qt to interface with this controller.

We're in an odd point where we now have enough data that it might be achievable to implement a database (around 700+ products and growing) to handle everything, but I don't know it's well worth the time now to cope with. I've no problems applying the GUI with files produced from stand out and parsed in, however it will get tiresome and difficult to trace despite VBA scripts. I've been experimenting with transforming our data into some thing workable for that application affiliate with Microsoft Access which appears to become working well. In the event that calculates I'm merely a step (or several) from utilizing an SQL database and taking advantage of the Qt library to gain access to and modify it.

I do not cash experience controlling data only at that level and am curious what might be the easiest method to approach this. What exactly are the real advantages of choosing a database if any within this situation? I recognize a lot of this is very application specific, however, many general ideas and suggestions regarding how to straddle the embedded/application programming line could be useful.



To obvious some misconception, this isn't about placing a database within an embedded project. It's also not really a business type application where bigger databases are generally used. I'm creating a GUI for any single user on the desktop to interface having a micro-controller for monitoring and configuration reasons.


Returning for this I made the decision to choose SQLite. That you can do some quite interesting things with data which i did not really consider a choice when first beginning this project.