I am asking this because i am wishing to begin developing a web-based community (social networking) and i am not wanting to contact my existing hosting company and merely give a domain onto my account and merely rely on them. They provide me limitless bandwidth &lifier diskspace however i mean its apparent to express that Google, Twitter, Facebook and Yahoo, etc, does not only use your average hosting company will they? They'd have datacentres and cloud servers and god understand what else. So my real question is, when does an internet application warrant using cloud servers, data centres, etc?

If you want to complete your personal configuration, you need to consider a VPS right from the start, otherwise I'd request your internet host upfront to provide you with choices for continuation, according to what your estimate may happen (traffic, load, site visitors, things like that).

In case your plans fail or it requires more than you assumed, you will be happy that you simply settled having a provider/fundamental arrange for a lesser cost until things got heavy.

In case your plans truly does come through, your webhost could most likely turn your bank account off temporarily because of an excessive amount of load. You would like to possess a arrange for this moment, most likely by moving up to and including more pricey but additionally more carrying out prices plan or switching hosting altogether to some VPS or something like that similiar.

(Many if's there... but finally) in case your current webhost doesn't appear clever or open enough whenever you approach them, please discuss with using their rivals - they'd most likely gladly steal you like a customer. Plus, the greater you request, the more knowledge you have on in advance while you request the following possible provider - your competence in this region will grow.

Have some fun!