After I attempt to publish a hyperlink from the blog on Facebook, either directly by copy/pasting the url or utilizing a Wordpress wordpress plugin, Facebook "refuses" to get the title and also the thumbnail picture from the publish.

I have had this issue every so often for a few several weeks, as well as the past three days I've not had the opportunity to publish just one publish from the blog to Facebook and that i can't see what will be the problem.

This is the way it will work:

This is how it should work.

This is exactly what really occurs when I publish a hyperlink from the blog:

This is what actually happens when I post a link from my blog.

Has anybody experienced something similar to this or has any concept of why this is not employed by me? I'm able to publish other links on Facebook, it is simply my blog that's messing beside me :o

This can be a bug within Facebook's code:

Appears like its being fixed/is bound?

Also, make certain these tags are outputted:

<meta name="title" content="Title NOT Case Sensitive" />
<meta name="description" content="Description HERE" />
<link rel="image_src" href="Full URL to Image (include domain)" />