This is exactly what I am using now:

  $pages = get_pages('parent=0'); 
  foreach ($pages as $pagg) {
    $option = '<div class="section">';
    $option .= '<div class="content">';
    $option .= '<h1>';
    $option .= $pagg->post_title;
    $option .= '</h1>';
    $option .= wpautop($pagg->post_content);
    $option .= '</div>';
    $option .= '</div>';
    echo $option;

As you can tell, I grab all top level pages (individuals without any parent) and that i undergo each page and grab the title and also the content. I additionally place some tags for styling. This creates for me personally a simplified version of every of my top level pages shown on a single page. That's nice all, but I wish to, if at all possible, rather than getting only the title and content, rather grab the whole page html/php and whatever template is used to that particular specific page?.

How do i do that?