This can be a follow-up question on my small previous question which was closed. Free email domain names

I believe people reading through it misinterpreted the question. I'm a webmaster who wants to bar known free email companies (like gmail or hotmail).

I do not need use of temporary mails, mail forwarders, or whatsoever, Among the finest to bar these companies to limit use of user registration.

Among the finest to understand where I'm able to source a listing of domain names that provide these free email options in order to block them, not because I wish to enroll in a contest by using it nor register with another website utilizing it. I wish to implement this on the system I'm developing in order to avoid multiple registration and fake customers.


Within the situation you request, I believe that's "Whitened list is definitely much better than Black list". You will not know the number of free email domain service will pop-on the following month or next-day. It's simply impossible.

Rather, to limit fake customers, you might require register use known free email service, like GMail, Yahoo, hotmail &lifier America online.

EDIT: it appears which i mis-comprehend the question: you now want a listing of free email plan to blacklist them, right? Here's a listing of these.

But please be aware that even Gmail or Yahoo get their "compensated services", too.

You are able to avoid fake emails by looking into making domain verifications (have no idea what platform you utilize but is really a sample library for .internet). Also confirmation links in emails make the perfect approach to staying away from fake emails.

For free email companies you can just browse around for such lists (e.g. http://world wide web.fepg.internet/)

@Hoàng Lengthy: Whitelisting email domain names is actually against what he's attempting to do. If he attempts to avoid free email options then only other kinds of accounts is going to be permitted and also you can't keep an eye on that. You would be securing virtually everybody from the system. While you will never develop a whitelist of non-free email domain names from public understanding source you can develop a acceptable listing of free email domain names.

You will find many services that classify domains. Among the category is "Free Email".

You can buy such database from :http://world wide or use free ones for example OpenDNS.