We are writing an API that enables customers to enroll in a Joomla account with an exterior portal. You want to perform the password and username looking into the portal before posting it with the API. I have dug with the Joomla code and should not appear to locate where individuals two fields get validated. Does someone know where you can look? Joomla code makes getting a needle inside a haystack look easy... Thanks!

You will want to have a look in the bind() function in libraries/joomla/user/user.php along with the assistant functions that will get contacted libraries/joomla/user/assistant.php. These courses are known as in the com_user component.

If you can get both Joomla codebase and also the exterior portal, it might be simpler to produce an authentication wordpress plugin that inspections from the portal rather than using Joomla logins: http://paperwork.joomla.org/Tutorial%3ACreating%5Fan%5FAuthentication%5FPlugin%5Ffor%5FJoomla%5F1.5