I'm studying for CCNA certification exam ('cisco' Licensed Network Connect), and that i available at 'cisco'.com they allow you to practice inside a virtual lab.


I'm also studying for OCA (Oracle Licensed Connect) in DBA. 4 several weeks ago, I signed up for an online Class (Oracle Workshop 1) and that i had access for five days to some remote machine via VPN, where I installed the database, and did all course exercises.

I question if can there be something similar to 'cisco' Virtual Lab in Oracle to rehearse using the database. I understand I'm able to download a totally free copy of Oracle 10g XE, however it is not exactly the same.

It is always good when we could practice a great deal before go ahead and take exam.

Install virtual box and run an OS with Oracle 11g like a guest there. Appears like you are able to download 11g from Oracle as lengthy while you read and accept the Oracle Technology Network Developer License.


Appears like they likewise have some pre-built VM's too: http://www.oracle.com/technetwork/community/developer-vm/index.html