By SQL Server 2005, you accustomed to have the ability to open a set file in SQL Management Studio from the right click menu for just about any database table. Once opened up, you could include or update records immediately within the power grid.

Since SQL Server 2008 has gone out, Microsoft has hidden which include, a minimum of in the right-click menu.

Where made it happen go?

It's changed by "Edit Top 200 Rows". You are able to change that command within the Tools > Options > SQL Server Object Explorer > Instructions.

But when you right-click a table, choose "Edit Top 200 Rows", search around the plugin for any button known as "Show SQL Pane". Came from here you are able to edit the query therefore the power grid shows a subset from the data that you would like.

They did this because individuals were accidentally opening huge tables using the old Open Table command. This process appears to operate pretty much, though generally I've found the 2008 version is fairly wonky when speaking to 2005 databases, but that is another matter....

Transformed the worthiness in choices to and you will open the whole table.

You can sett the default worth of "Edit Top 200 Rows" too ""

Within the Tools Menu -> Options... under SQL server Object ExplorerTable and examine optionsValue Edit Top Rows Command. Alter the default value 200 too "".

You need to now have the choice "Edit All Rows" rather than "Edit Top 200 Rows" like a default and when you realize it's a laaarge table make use of the "Choose Top 1000 Rows" like a rewiew on the table.

>Eidt Top 200 Rows Once the table pops up click on the 'Show SQL Pane' Take away the 'Top 200' area of the query then execute.