Can someone let me know in which the code for $file_list is acquired in Virtuemart? To be precise, within the flypage.tpl.php file, there's a snippet of code that appears such as this:

<span style="font-style: italic;">
  <?php echo $file_list ?>

This code creates the HTML for files which have been from the product. Regrettably, the formatting of this section is fairly ugly automatically and I am trying to puzzle out how you can customize the source. Aren't able to find it in order to save my soul. It does not seem to be any place in web site files.

it ought to be here: administrator/com_virtuemartclassesps_product_files.php

and check for function get_file_list

Right under this function (row 622 - 626) ought to be html template for product files.

Also hate this non MVC architecture. Searching toward VM 2.