I simply got a good idea to have an application, however it would incorporate some database work along with a central server.

I have not labored with databases or servers before. What exactly are some advised database query languages for any beginner? The languages Sometimes with at this time are C#, C++, Perl, and Python, but I don't care if I must learn another language (that's always fun).

  • Which language must i use?
  • Wouldso would I make use of a server?
  • Basically distribute my program and employ a pc on my small network like a server will it open a burglar hole? If that's the case, how must i cope with this?
  • And just how would i setup the server, just download the installer and run it?

Most commercial databases use SQL because the language, although you will find others available I recommend you stay with the attempted and reliable packages, should you lean for the free camping, It is best to use MySQL alternativly for those who have Microsoft tenancies then you need to use SQL Server express (ie the free version).

I am not sure what you're asking in the way you works using the server, but Im presuming you're asking about how exactly you develop/build the databases, with SQL Server it features a client program to handle the database whereas with MySQL there's a wide open source PHP tool for management.

For security, databases are extremely secure if they're set up properly, I would recommend reading through on configuration articles for that database platform that you simply finish up choosing.

Learn SQL.

Download SQLite as the learning server.

Which will enable you to get began.

Once you have learned SQL, you are able to move onto another questions.

Wouldso would I make use of a server? MySQL or Postgres could be good, affordable options. Oracle, MS SQL/Server and DB2 are great costly options.

Basically distribute my program and employ a pc on my small network like a server will it open a burglar hole?

This can be a huge subject. Start and among the broadly-used weaknesses lists. Here are a few pointers: http://homepage.mac.com/s_lott/iblog/architecture/C465799452/E20090124205231/index.html

I suggest you begin with C# around the .Internet framework, and employ MS SQL Server.

First, you will have to get started with databases.

Check out this starting point with MS SQL: http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/aa256841.aspx

MS SQL Express is really a free edition for individuals like you when you are learning or evaluating.

Visual Studio also offers an express edition for learning.

This can require your learning Transact SQL, that is an enhancement of SQL.

If you're worried about SQL security you will find some good articles available.

It truly does not matter which programming language you select. The most typical method of interfacing having a database is thru SQL, the industry simple language which supplies a typical interface to a lot of different databases. Knowing SQL it is simple to make use of a database from the programming language.

Where to begin is really a database known as SQLite, it offers an SQL interface to data saved inside a simple file in your disk. Which means that you may create a database and begin experimenting and learning SQL without the headache of establishing a genuine database server. Based on the application, it might be also all that's necessary.

The final a part of your real question is impossible to reply to. Any application located on the network reveals various security concerns. A lot more information could be needed, and hopefully by learning a little about databases you'll have the ability to answer a number of that on your own.