It's not 'complete' and makes nothing right now, however It may be beneficial and also the design is excellent. It's backed with a SQL database and it is designed in PHP. All of the design and coding are original (made by myself). I simply do not have time for you to keep focusing on it, however it appears just like a waste to allow it die.

Considering that the one who purchased will have to know PHP+SQL etc, and not simply be considered a 'plug and play' web buyer, where must i market it?


The marketplace for half-finished websites isn't as extensive as you may think. Should you really have confidence in any project, your best choice is really to shepherd it to some stage where it can make money (or at best becomes popular.) Funnily enough, it'll then become simpler to market.

DigitalPoint Forums is definitely an OK spot for small websites (under $10K), SitePoint works best for bigger sites. When the site also offers a great domain, you could attempt or

You'd most likely must find somebody that has an interest within the content / purpose of the website and then try to market it for them. Without specifics I doubt anybody can offer more details.

How about posting on some forums to ascertain if anybody wants that will help you finish the project when you maintain control? You can offer some kind of incentive at least it will start making money. Passive earnings is definitely an incredible factor!

It appears like now will be a good time to look for a partner you never know PHP but might possibly not have employment right now. A 50% be part of a website that's earning money may be worth greater than an idea site.