Hi I needed to understand where would be the Admin Menu links saved in Joomla &lifier WordPress database?

Allow me to explain....

I'm running Joomla and WordPress both and that i desired to integrate the rear-finish-menus into one another. Some Joomla Admin Menu links into WordPress back-finish together with some WordPress Menu Links into Joomla After sales Menu.

For the similar I had been trying to puzzle out regarding how can i find these links and just how can one cal them?

Kindly help.

If you are asking about single login this is not something that's easily accomplished. You can always consider using a wordpress plugin like this.

It may sound like what for you to do is to produce a link within the admin to link to another platform. I have not used at all Joomla but I'v used WordPress a great deal. WordPress admin files are situated at example.com/wordpress/wp-admin/file.php?action=action and joomla at example.com/joomla/adminstrator/index.php?option=option

What I recommend would be to write a wordpress plugin that contributes a WordPress Admin Page which will add links towards the admin configurations you'll need in Joomla.

Exactly the same factor for Joomla create a module that backlinks to WordPress admin.