Is also the net server root directory where you place your website files and then acces all of them with localhost/file_title within the browser?

Should you installed WAMP to c:\wamp i quickly believe your webserver root directory could be c:\wamp\www, however this may vary based on version.

Yes, this is when you'd place your site files to gain access to them via a browser.

In WAMP the files are offered through the Apache component (the A in WAMP).

In Apache, automatically the files offered are situated within the subdirectory htdocs from the installation directory. But this is often transformed, and it is really transformed when WAMP installs Apache.

The place where the files are offered is known as the DocumentRoot, and it is defined utilizing a variable in Apache configuration file. The default value may be the subdirectory htdocs in accordance with what's named the ServerRoot directory.

Automatically the ServerRoot may be the installation directory of Apache. However this may also be changed in to the configuration file, or while using -d use of the command httpd which is often used to produce Apache. The worthiness within the configuration file overrides the -d option.

The configuration file is automatically conf/httpd.conf in accordance with ServerRoot. But this is often transformed while using -f use of command httpd.

When WAMP installs itself, it customize the default configuration file with DocumentRoot c:/wamp/www/. The files to become offered have to be situated here and never within the htdocs default directory.

You might change this location set by WAMP, either by modifying DocumentRoot within the default configuration file, or by utilizing among the two command line options -f or -d which point clearly or implicity to a different configuration file which might hold another value for DocumentRoot (for the reason that situation the brand new file must contain this definition, but the relaxation from the configuration based in the default configuration file).