How can i find current RPMs for various versions of Redhat Enterprise Linux? Particularly I am searching for an Apache Revoltions per minute. Normally I'd use: however they don't appear to possess any RPMS for apache.

Any ideas?

You need to get packages for RHEL from Red-colored Hat Network. Within the interest of maintaining utmost integrity of packages, Red-colored Hat only patches packages with serious bugs (ie, security), and backports these packages towards the primary version from the specific software.

If you wish to run the most recent and finest bleeding edge Apache, you are virtually by yourself. Red-colored Hat will not provide any support for packages which were not installed for your specific RHEL version from RHN.

While packages for other distributions like Fedora Rawhide may install cleanly, individuals packages weren't "fortunate" for RHEL. If you are running RHEL, stick to the packages supplied by RHN.

Fedora creates missing but compatible packages for RHEL plus they host these questions repository known as EPEL (Extra Packages for Enterprise Linux).

Instantly I do not particularly see Apache RPM's inside but EPEL is certainly worth contributing to your listing of databases for other software. I could not are in position to use RHEL/CentOS without them!

By apache would you mean the net server?

If that's the case, it isn't known as 'apache' in RHEL. Try:

yum install httpd

Perhaps you have checked out Fedora Rawhide? They've 2.2.9 available. It should install cleanly on RHEL.