I'm able to discover the API-paperwork for JavaHL 1.6 at http://subversion.apache.org/docs/javahl/1.6/ . However aren't able to find any pointer to some jar+native binary (win32) package, or maven resource. Where would you obtain these items?

There appears no apparent method to retrieve them directly (looked in certain Maven repos). JavaHL (win32) is a component every current eclipse version with subversive inside it. So technically, the next works:

  • Install inside a fresh Eclipse installation the wordpress plugin Subversive.
  • Include there the (optional) library JavaHL.
  • In the finish, there is a library files within the directory plugins/org.polarion.eclipse.team.svn.connector.javahl16.win32_<version-nr>

Possibly this workaround can help you, however i am thinking about the "real" solution too.