I produced a website using wordpress. I installed the 'starkers' theme and modified it. However, within the from the single.php, there's a lot of text marketing your blog. This really is enclosed inside a class of promote. I've been trying to find where this text is situated throughout my website however i cant appear to locate it. I'd initially believed that it was situated inside my functions.php, however the file is empty.

I had been wishing someone here would have the ability to assist me to.

Are you able to give a little more specific information, just like a connect to the website under consideration? I downloaded a duplicate from the Starkers theme and did a fast grep -ri promote . also it appears that there are no "promote" class innate towards the theme.

Oops... sorry men, i simply discovered that the promote class is at a wordpress plugin which i produced. It's not within the starkers theme. My bad.