For my bussiness purpose I wish to have a Two letter domain title(eg: xx.yy). Where will i understand this? I believe don't support two letter domains?

i'm not registered, thankfully Its available!!!!

You will find only 26*26 available domain names per TLD (its not all TLD supports two letter domains). Therefore it is most likely that the title was already taken. Attempt to research whos who owns the domain utilizing a "whois" service and phone the dog owner if he's prepared to trade his domain.

If you prefer a two letter top-level domain (the final two letters), they're usually designated to some country (like .us, .united kingdom) -- it is simply a coincidence that some two letter domain names seem like reasonable top-level names -- .tv is perfect for Tuvalu and .co is Colombia.

Each country will it in a different way -- so you've to visit search for the main one you would like.

Only use a internet search engine together with your domain and tld registration, like

.tv tld registration

tld means top level domain.

Only IANA could make brand new ones and will not get it done for any business -- just for nations or other important reasons.

For 2 letters prior to the TLD, you most likely will not have it, but you can test the registrar for whatever TLD you would like, after which, whether it's taken, approach the dog owner to buy it.