I have researched around quite a bit, but can't appear to locate where I ought to be saving the code for that widget I have produced. It's a little baffling.

So, can anybody let me know where I ought to save my widget?

Thanks, John.

You have to place your widget code either in the functions.php file of the current theme, or inside a wordpress plugin. To be able to place it inside a wordpress plugin, produce a new folder within the plug ins folder and make up a .php file using the title from the folder you produced within that folder. For the reason that file, make use of this code to begin your wordpress plugin:

Plugin Name: Name Of The Plugin
Plugin URI: http://URI_Of_Page_Describing_Plugin_and_Updates
Description: A brief description of the Plugin.
Version: The Plugin's Version Number, e.g.: 1.0
Author: Name Of The Plugin Author
Author URI: http://URI_Of_The_Plugin_Author
License: A "Slug" license name e.g. GPL2

Clearly, alter the values to something helpful for the wordpress plugin. After that you can paste your widget code into this file and it ought to be available.




So far as I understand, widget (ie plug ins) use your wordpress-content/plug ins folder eg. wordpress-content/plug ins/YOUR WIDGET/

Is the fact that the thing you need?