I am likely to develop a little service which monitors an IMAP email account and functions about the read messages. With this it simply needs to run every say 10 min, no exterior trigger needed, but I wish to host this particular service externally (to ensure that I don't have to be worried about up occasions.)

To become machine independent I possibly could write the service in Java or Python. What exactly are good hosting companies with this? and which of these two languages is much better supported?

The service has with the idea to run the entire time (and should do the waiting itself) or it needs to be began every 10 min. I suppose most (web) hosts are targeted towards request driven code (e.g. JSP) and that i assume they shut lower processes which run forever. Who offers hosting for user-written services such as the one pointed out above?

You're lucky, since Google AppEngine provides CRON jobs both for Python and Java. GAE - Python GAE - Java

Based on what actions you need, as well as your needs for assets, Google Application Engine may be quite appropriate for both Python and Java services (GAE supports both languages quite half way decent). cron jobs could be set to operate every ten minutes (the URL I gave shows how to achieve that with Python) and you will queue more tasks if the quantity of work you have to perform on the certain occasion surpasses the 30-seconds limit that GAE supports.

GAE is especially nice to obtain began and experiment because it has reasonably-generous free quotas for many all assets your jobs could consume (you have to enable billing, give a charge card, and hang up a financial budget, to permit your jobs to eat a lot more than their free quota, though).

If you choose that GAE has restrictions you cannot stand, or would set you back an excessive amount of for charged utilization of assets within the free quotas, any hosting provider supporting a Unix-like cron jobs scheduler ought to be acceptable. Setting up on your own a Python script every ten minutes might be faster than setting up on your own a JVM, but that is dependent on what it's you need to do every ten minutes (for many types of tasks Python is going to be just like fast, and maybe even faster -- for other people it will likely be reduced, and that we don't have any method to you know what types of tasks you need or at what "tipping point" the possibly-faster JVM will "purchase its startup" wrt the possibly-reduced Python... essentially you will need to assess that on your own!-).

Take a look at Google Application Engine. You are able to setup a cron project for your Java or Python script.