I've been reading through with the backlog of clarified questions about SO regarding "How you can promote a wide open source project". Not remarkably, most of the solutions pointed individuals to SoureForge/FreshMeat along with other sites etc in addition to blogging and whatnot. This began me thinking where is the greatest spot to host a project and why?

As my first project is presently located on CodePlex, I began to wade with the Search leads to collect info on the professionalsOrnegatives of every nevertheless the evaluations which i found are rather dated (2+ years of age).

http://world wide web.stum.p/2008/12/13/sourceforge-versus-codeplex/
http://world wide web.developmentnow.com/blog/2006/11/codeplex-versus-sourceforge/
http://world wide web.spacesocket.com/forum/thread-6654.html

So required becomes "Must I host my project on multiple sites" that the next publish offers the expected answer (fortunately! as that might be a discomfort to keep).

Hosting a wide open source project at a number of sites

In line with the current condition of numerous Free hosting sites for example CodePlex, GitHub, Google Code, SourceForge, etc, etc can there be any notable pros/cons of 1 site within the other? i.e., must i stay with CodePlex or am I really missing out by not using among the options? Will one produce increased traffic to an alternative and unknown project?

I intend on exploring each site in greater detail to determine the things they all offer, but because of the huge understanding from the good folks on SO, figured I'd begin with this first.


According to erjiang answer below... I'm presently using Mercurial for version control, and i'm available to anything apart from TFS. Also, my current project is just me developing, but future projects might be collaborative so worth thinking about...