I am a newbie on hosting blogs. I've got a hosting that is shared account on HostGator that utilizes cpanel, and I wish to install multiple wordpress sites.

I've my wordpress sites under /home/username/public_html/, so each site features its own directory under public_html. The issue is for initially my domain, the main one I acquired in the hosting. It had been installed underneath the public_html itself, so my other sites were accessible in the primary site, like http://www.primarysite/other-site. Is the normal structure of hosting multiple wordpress sites on shared hosts?

Could it be ok to possess my other sites accessible underneath the primary site?

An in depth explanation could be very helpful, or simply point me with a good lessons/articles. Many thanks!

you have to create different folders/sites for the other wordpress sites under public_html, company you have access to your other site like www.primarysite.com/othersite only

Hostgator cPanel includes Softaculous or Fantastico Auto Contractors and each of them include Wordpress MU (wordpress multisite/multiuser) Do as instructed and you will install multiple wordpress sites in one click )

you actually can acces your other sites beneath your primary domain. For your you need to install wordpress under different sites.

I believe you might be conscious of addon domain feature. Use the addon domain feature inside your cPanel.

  • You've two domain names mysite.com and my-other-site.com.
  • You would like the 2 domain names to become totally separate/independent websites.