This book mainly describes getting your architecture in 2 layers referred to below, but doesn't get into detail on where to place your business logic.

book suggests you structure assembling your shed within the following way - - projectname - an mvc project - essentially only the front-end including UI, control with the UI and models accustomed to render the UI

  • projectname.domain - which stops working into
    • projectname.abstract - connects for mocking and polymorphism visit here
    • projectname.concrete - concrete implementations from the abstract connects
    • services - any classes which make calls to exterior applications, services, delivering emails etc

I believed for more compact projects i possibly could just create another folder within the domain layer i.e.

as well as for bigger projects create another project i.e.

This then leaves me unsure how you can structure the company layer itself

can anybody recommend just how to place the company layer logic into this type of framework?


In case your concrete implementations will not contain your company logic either directly or with an organized utilization of partial classes then this can be done a number of ways, however the two I would suggest could be 1. While you pointed out above with projectname.Business 2. projectname.Library either in situation I'd include a folder inside named facades that delivers the entry ways for your logic (see facade pattern)

I've 4 projects - core,web.remotes,web,and tests. The core consists of all of the "logic" and it has sub folders for that "domain" and "services" in addition to couple of others. Just about all logic is handled inside the objects in are utilized to populate my domain objects from database or do stuff for example send email etc.

That book is ideal for explaining ASP MVC but as if you stated it simply barely touches about them you are asking. I'd have a look in the Sharp Architecture or Who Are Able To Assist Me To projects or have that design designs book by scott millet. they'll provide you with a large amount of plans but imo go by using a touch of suspicion cause lots of what is in most individuals I believe is overkill for straightforward internet sites.