Where you can put robots.txt?




I placed here


but it is not opening after i type this in browser

alt text

In which the file gets into your filesystem is dependent on which host you are using, therefore it is hard for all of us to provide a particular answer about this.

The very best description is: place it wherever the index.html (or index.php or whatever) file is the fact that signifies your home page. In the event that's domainname/public_html/index.html, for instance, place it in domainname/public_html/robots.txt.

i believe the greater method to describe it's to be within the root web folder of the domain... so http://example.com/robots.txt you may also put your sitemap.xml within the root or make reference to it having a Sitemap: http://example.com/fldr/smap.xml line inside your robots.txt.

bear in mind: you should use Google Website owner Tools to check on to make certain you have not restricted whatever you didnt mean to(additionally you see queries and links woohoo!).

suggestion: id think about using the <META Title="ROBOTS" CONTENT="INDEX, NOFOLLOW"> if at all possible because you still earn linkjuice for links around the page however it wont appear in googles index while a robots.txt directive can leave an ordinary url with do description in SERPs and often will loose all worth of links pointed into it because its robots.txted out (its ranking b/c of anchor-text a great idea is credit for this)

Within this situation you need to place it in domainname/public_html/robots.txt, because the public.html folder is how your index file is going to be.

Within the cause of your internet directory (in which you place the files that demonstrate on your site)