I effectively installed passenger on my small Apache server and also have a rails site running effectively. I am very a new comer to server management, and I've got a quite simple question which i can't appear to locate an response to. Where you can store my Rails applications? I realize Passanger can achieve programs anywhere around the server, where if the applications be?

I've not been capable of finding anyone decided on universal response to this. Produce a user and store for the reason that home dir appears reasonable in my experience.

Another philosophy is it ought to be a systemwide location and there is an acceptable logic behind this too, particularly if you will find several managers from the system.

My practice would be to install Apache via Revoltions per minute packages (on CentOS Linux) and deploy Rails applications to Apache's default dir of /var/www/application_name.

produce a user for the applications is a great practice , i'll usualy setup a "rails" user .
keep production applications in /home/rails/ remmeber that passenger professional your application using the grant from the files your code goes!
it is also helpfull if you are using rvm.
here articles with a few reference

possess a nice day

Debian's passenger install suggests setting up your application to /usr/share/%Application%/ and symlinking the /public dir from the application to /var/www or perhaps a subdirectory. I love this process because of its hygiene, though it's a lot more work than virtually almost every other method available.