for any program I'm writing I'd require a dictionary between The spanish language and British words. I researched some time, however i couldn't find any database freely available. Does anybody know where or ways to get this type of database (ideally an easy CSV or XML file)?

To date my best idea to produce this type of dictionary is to produce a little program that appears up an British word on Wikipedia, and uses the word what links to extract the right translation. But I'd rather not need to make millions of demands to Wikipedia simply to generate this database...

I do not need anything fancy, only a mapping in one word to 1 or even multiple translations with this word. As being a regular dictionary.

Discuss with around the Omega Wiki, formerly referred to as Ultimate Wiktionary or Wiktionary Z. They collect translations all languages into all languages, as well as their data will come in a relational database.

Must you translate quickly at runtime, or perhaps is mtss is a one-time translation of labels and messages for any UI?

I'd state that runtime translation is going to be remarkably difficult, because you will need greater than a dictionary of words. Natural language processing is tough in almost any language. Most languages have to know something about context to translate easily.

Whether it's a 1-time translation of UI elements, I have had best of luck using Google Translate to visit from Japanese to British.

To reply to your question, I do not possess a database like this, sorry.

The issue with natural languages is they are extremely context dependent, therefore the same word in British often means other areas of French. Go ahead and take British verb 'to know'. This is often converted into French as either 'savoir' (to understand a well known fact), or connaitre (to understand an individual, or perhaps a town).

I'd be very interested to understand if there is available this type of database, however i doubt whether it is available.

Sites like hedge their bets by showing both results.