I must determine if there's an internet site where I possibly could download the Apache POI ported for .internet?

I already found this link within the web http://www.apache.org/~avik/dist/poi-2.5.1-dev-20040708.dll

I additionally found a repository of poi.internet from novel but it's quite old (2004) http://developer.novell.com/wiki/index.php/Poi.Net

However the version of apache poi now's 3.6, I'm wondering if there's a latest version available? Does the apache foundation support such porting? I already attempted to look the apache website too without any avail.

For using Microsoft library, the stand out interopt isn't that great for concurrent processing just like a web after sales. Basically make use of the DocumentFormat.OpenXML library, I've got a limitation of making office 2007 document only.

If there's no library available? it is possible to JAR to .Internet set up(.dll) ripper tools tool available?

Another option would be an incomplete port of POI to .Internet, named NPOI.

(Thought it was on that other question)

I discovered the solution. You will get the most recent apache poi version then convert the jar into dll by yourself using IKVM.Internet. Next, add the set up from the POI dll for your .internet application as well as the IKVM.Internet core and JVM dll. And you will finally make use of the Apache POI inside your .Internet project.