I simply recognized that certain of my database place() instructions unsuccessful because of breach of the not null constraint - I simply filled no data into this area.

Issue is, it required me age range to discover why this place came back -1, because I possibly could not locate an error or Exception anywhere.

I'd expect, and that i guess for additional complex databases and query, it's completely important, to possess somewhere some good info in the database what's really happening which makes the DB access fail, however i couldn't find any info on this anywhere.

I discovered that certain may use insertOrThrow() rather than place, a minimum of you receive the best when, something goes completely wrong, saying android.database.sqlite.SQLiteConstraintException: error code 19: constraint unsuccessful - despite the fact that I really would needOranticipate it might be even clearer and let me know which column comes with an error approximately, but maybe I am too demanding about SQLIte's feaures here.

Perhaps you have looked in LogCat? It's often pretty verbose about what is going on onto include what is going on wrong.