I needed to experiment just a little with python 3. in your own home. I acquired python 3. working, I have performed around with a few scripts, and that i thought it might be fun to try and create a small web-project by using it.

When I was searching, it switched out, that mod_python, for many reasons, won't have the ability to support python 3..

The only real other alternative I have found is mod_wsgi.

Around the primary page from the mod_wsgi project, it states, that if you wish to have fun with python 3., you need to obtain the latest version from subversion repository. I'm wondering, if there's somewhere a pre-built home windows binaries available?

If you will find no such binaries, then I'd be grateful for just about any assets about building it with VC++ 2008. And maybe even general assets about building apache and it is modules with VC++ 2008. Thanks.

Oh and, I am while using latest Apache 2.2 release.

EDIT: Could it be an issue, if I'm going to be while using official apache build with my very own build of the mod_wsgi (I made use of is dependent.exe on apache, and appears it's not constructed with VC++ 2008)?

Binaries for Home windows are increasingly being provided in the mod_wsgi site for Apache 2.2 and Python 2.6 and three.. Python 3. is just supported for mod_wsgi 3. let's start. See:


I must find either 2.6 (more suitable) or 3. (okay) Home windows binaries myself, and also have investigated this a little.

You will find Home windows build steps for mod_wsgi hidden deep within the Google Group for this. I believe they are outdated just one person seems to possess ever tried it and told the planet how good it exercised. There may be problems producing that need an area.

I don't think you will have to construct your own Apache, or maybe it matters the VC++ version differs (though I do not have a lot of evidence with this belief). VC++ version is essential for Python module develops given that they depend heavily around the internals from the compiler data structures. I believe the Apache module interface is much more structured.

You'll most likely wish to publish towards the mod_wsgi group by trying this striking problems, or you effectively build the modules, please publish them as some people would greatly like them but they are too busy to get at doing the work ourselves :(

For what it's worth, this really is still (by March second 2008) up up so far as I will tell. See:


Exactly the same problem - insufficient 2.6 binaries for home windows - affects mod_python.

I believe this virtually leaves Django customers running on Home windows locked to the 2.5 tree... :-(