They are my enabled mods:

alias auth_fundamental authz_default authz_groupfile authz_host authz_user autoindex deflate dir env mime settlement php5 reqtimeout rewrite setenvif status

I am trying to lessen Apache's memory footprint whenever possible.

Can anybody guide me within the right direction regarding which of those I need and that are optional? I intend on running Symfony, however i could not find any needs about symfony to have it all working.


Well, you can begin by crippling all auth / authz modules, unless of course you are likely to have Apache do authentication meet your needs, by which situation only let the auth module that you are really likely to use.

You might not actually need the autoindex module you simply require it if you want Apache to create index files instantly.

deflate - you really want that, so Apache can gzip-compress data before delivering to the customer (significantly reduces traffic).

reqtimeout - that's experimental. Unsure should you incorporated it deliberately or otherwise.

I just use: dir, php5, authz_host, mime, rewrite.

Crippling useless modules could save you lots of assets.

I recomed you to definitely disable 1 by 1 and restart the apache every time and test. Also note which modules you'd in the begining just in case of the error to have the ability to revert it back