I have to make an internet site for any small non-profit organisation pretty quick. My original plan ended up being to develop a custom Content management systems in MVC3 but other "proper" projects are consuming an excessive amount of time.

I have to pick a fast and simple-to-learn Content management systems that we can throw my very own custom HTML based template ontop of.

I understand the apparent ones like Joomla and wish to avoid items like WordPress because it would not be appropriate. The website is essentially for any small 30-40 person organisation which requires a couple of static pages, a calendar and user logins - So nothing excessively fancy :)

Suggestions about a good, free and simple-to-use Content management systems could be appreciated! I am quite technically minded in addition to a web programmer, so don't mind cutting up and hacking code together either! I should not have to design any plug ins to begin with, but this might change.

Info: Joomla - I am much less acquainted with Joomla, looked within the Ramp up also it looks pretty complex in comparison as to the it was once! Wordpress plugin development looks nice must i require it, but may be overkill.

DotNetNuke - For whatever reason went slow on my small host ~30-40 seconds a webpage! Not necessarily appropriate.

I get access to virtually most internet technologies on my small host.

Certainly Drupal. I setup a Content management systems using Drupal in 4 days. It dimensions are under 3 Megabytes and contains an enormous support of community led add-ons.

Ultimately it is your personal taste that counts.

Wikipedia has a listing of Cms:


I would suggest Drupal - it's most likely overkill for this type of small site, but should meet your requirements all right.

Also, if you think brave and do not mind hacking around the code, you could attempt the Content management systems I am focusing on (incomplete, but you will find already sites which use it and none of my clients has complained to date): UmbraCMS.