I wish to create a Q/A website with features substantially much like stackoverflow, but specific to another niche (electrical/hardware engineering instead of software engineering).

The code that runs stackoverflow isn't opensource, and from the previous reference to it around the podcast In my opinion I'm able to assume it won't be. (Though uservoice stated "Wait 3-6 several weeks and request again")

I'd rather not begin with scratch as Shaun et al did, however i do desire a Q/A website as opposed to a discussion site.

What framework or Content management systems would starting with to produce this website should you be assigned by using it?

-Adam Davis

Use Drupal combined with Community Plug ins, specifically the Questions and Solutions module.

You will find several Free projects going ahead using the specific goal of making Stack Overflow work-alike sites, or at best using In order inspiration for his or her own designs:

  • cnprog - the program behind the highly-acclaimed Chinese programming Q&A site of the identical title

  • Stacked - a project by lengthy-time Stack Overflow user Thomas Hansen

  • Ever question what SO could be like if it absolutely was designed in Ruby? Take a look at shapado, a "stackoverflow-like application designed in ruby, mongomapper and mongodb".

  • An identical project is cahoots, which begins using the SO wiki + Q&A idea, but grows onto it with features supporting integrated blogging, article publication, and limited "social mediaInch. This project is rather new, but quite ambitious in scope...

Well the one which began everything is, obviously Slashcode, outdoors-source software that forces Slashdot.org. Additionally, there are Pligg, a wide open-source digg-clone and a general search will result in a number of other similar open-source systems.

You can have a look at DotNetNuke.

the Ektron Content management systems includes a strong suite of community networking tools -- it might be a great starting point.

My suggestion for any framework could be Ruby on Rails (however with that you'd begin with scratch). Maybe you need to consider Insoshi.

I do not come with an easy response to this, however, you might consider searching at Kigg:

Kigg is definitely an open-source Digg clone built on ASP.Internet MVC. I recognize this differs from StackOverflow, but it's still a person produced site by having an extensive comments, karma &lifier membership system.

This may provide a good beginning place.